This is an intimate experience for women who are learning to pivot, innovate and grow their businesses.

We're Talking to The Experts

We're all trying to figure this thing out. Some large corporations are closing their doors.  Small businesses have taken huge blows. BUT, we know we can bounce back.

Learn from business owners that had been killing it before the pandemic and have made some tough decisions to ensure that their businesses survive post-crisis.

Every Industry Can Benefit From These Conversations

No matter what your business category is, there is a way to generate revenue, retain clients, implement new ideas and maintain some sense of normalcy and business growth during these uncertain times.





Mimosa Mixer


Networking Break (Time to Wash those Hands, Ladies!)


Keeping It Real...Estate with LaToya Moore

Sanitizer Break (To Disinfect is a Form of Respect)

Building Your Brand Online with Robin Harris

Strengthening Your Business Model to Scale

with Robiar Smith

All Times Are In CST*

Brunchin' Like A Boss (Yummy food & treats) &

DIY Design Workshop with Paper Source




Pivot, Pause, or Evolve with Afenya Montgomery





Be A Real #GoalGetHer

Achieving our goals is a must and we always persevere

#GoalGetHer: To achieve your goals

without excuse or apology.

​You should be here if you're an entrepreneur, small business owner or woman with an idea that you feel got derailed this year.


You still have power.  You still have goals.

Most importantly, you have PURPOSE.

Join us to talk about your strategy going forward this year, meet new business besties and get practical information to apply to your business.

Your Plans May Be Delayed But They Are Not Denied.

2020 is still the Year of Vision!


Create a strategic plan to take your business out of shelter in place mode 


Generate cash flow using using your current resources to  develop a game plan

New Ideas

Fuel your innovation and think of out of the box ways that your business can meet people where they are


Discover actionable steps that you can take in your business to adapt to our new normal.

The Most Important Thing To Remember Is...

We're All In This Together, Sis

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