D. Ware

D. Ware is the CEO of KeraVada.  A natural haircare line started in his home which he turned into a multi-million dollar business within 2 years. 


In 2017, D. gained national notoriety when he pulled his entire product line from a beauty supply store after learning that the owners were being rude to customers.  His genuine loyalty to his clientele skyrocketed the popularity of the highly sought-after brand.

Owned and operated since 2012, KeraVada offers a wide array of beautifully nourishing natural haircare luxuries crafted with fresh, high-quality ingredients and aromas that come from a variety of exotic lands. They carefully choose the finest ingredients to provide safe, healthy and decadent treats for the hair at an affordable price featuring high-end spa-quality ingredients. This indulgent line is freshly made and packaged to ensure premiere grade products that you'll love.





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