#GoalGetHer Sponsorship Masterclass

The iCAN Collective #GoalGetHer Entrepreneurship Event Series is focused on paving the way for entrepreneurs of all backgrounds to impact their communities through economic growth.  This series empowers, inspires and motivates women (and men) to embrace their gifts, conquer goals and create a foundation for building successful businesses. 

Join us for Get Sponsored!

A Masterclass featuring strategies on Securing Partnerships, Collaborations and, of course, SPONSORSHIPS with Killer Brands. 

We are kicking off the series with a  5- hour masterclass chock full of information that you need to know to secure your next big sponsor. There will be an expert panel discussion, interactive workshop, delicious food, drinks, music and fun! All the things you   love and expect from The iCAN Collective.

We focus on creating opportunities for diverse entrepreneurs to learn, collaborate, and create in a safe space designed to encourage mentorship, networking, masterminding to #levelup your business. 

Masterclass Schedule

12:00pm -12:30pm - Registration | Networking | Brunch

12:30pm -1:15pm - Panel Discussion and Q&A

1:30pm - 3:00pm - Interactive Workshop

3:15pm - 4:00pm - Panel Discussion Two and Q&A 

4:00pm - 5:00pm - Networking | Photo Booth Fun

The day begins with brunch, mimosas and networking with other like-minded women (and men) that are building their brands, businesses and careers.  


The panel discussion features expert panelists (check out their bios below) from the digital and tech space that have collaborated, partnered and maintained relationships with major brands. They will answer your questions about what it takes to obtain sponsorship and what that really looks like. 


At iCAN Collective events, we think building a strong network is imperative to business survival.  There's always time to connect with each other, take photos and learn what each other's gifts truly are so we can elevate ourselves by lifting up others.



The interactive workshop will be facilitated by Michael Donnelly, CEO of Red Suede Shoes and Founder of Fwd Collective. She has partnered with companies like Microsoft, Verizon Wireless, Johnnie Walker and has been the force behind some of the country's most popular large-scale tech and business events, including TechWeek, Fund Conference and Fear Paradox Summit.  Now, she's sharing her expertise with you. 

Covania Washington, CEO of Bomb and Bossy, is a marketing powerhouse seasoned in social media marketing, content creation, email marketing, SEO and so much more! She will be answering your questions about creating your sponsorship deck and how you can get companies to cover every aspect of your events.  There will be an opportunity to sign up for a special package from Bomb and Bossy, to create a sponsorship deck that gets results.

Speaker Bios






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